Enjaz FAQ

At Enjaz Banking Services, we value your hard earned money thereby provide you with varied remittance options which are amongst the most secured and instant money transfer services.

Why should I use only Enjaz Banking Services? What are the benefits?
  • Our remittance centers are situated at most strategic and prominent locations keeping in view the accessibility, comfort and convenience of our customers. At present we have 151 Remittance centers covering outmost parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Our panel has one of the largest network of correspondent banks covering various countries across the globe, in order to provide very competitive and cost efficient remittance services.
  • Through our wide correspondent banks network, we are focused on serving the expatriate community to the remotest part of their destination countries.
  • We provide you with very competitive exchange rate and remittance charges which makes us one of the preferred remittance partners in the kingdom.
  • Our staff represents many languages which enables you to communicate effortlessly.
  • We value your time and keeping in view your convenience some of our centers are open 12 hours a day & 365 days a year.
  • Our centers are spaciously designed in order to serve the mass and therefore no need to stand in long queues.
  • Last but not the least, we provide you with varied options of remittance services which are competitive enough making money remittance easy, efficient and a joyful experience.  ​
Do I need to have a bank account with Bank Albilad or any other bank to send money?
  • NO, it is not required to have an account with any bank.
How can I find out the nearest center?
  • We have 151 Remittance centers spread across the Kingdom. Go to the Center locator on Enjaz home page, select the region where you are, find out the closest center through the dropdown list and then click on to the respective center to get detailed location.
How can I avail Enjaz services to send money? Do I need to register?
  • YES! you need to be registered for availing any type of Enjaz banking services, either online or by visiting any of our Enjaz center.
  • To get registered online, click on become a customer on the home page, fill in the required details and upon successful submission a reference number shall be sent through SMS on your registered mobile number. Thereafter, please visit any of your nearby Enjaz centers within next 30 days and meet the Customer Service Representative, who shall activate the registration status within no time. Please do not forget to carry the reference number and your original ID (IQAMA for Expatriates & NATIONAL ID for Saudi citizens).
What shall I do to add beneficiary?
  • Just meet the Customer Service Representative at any of our center and fill the form before proceeding to the teller.
Whenever I need to send the money, should I visit the same center wherein I have registered?
  • Once registered you can send money from any of our 151 centers whichever is closer to you.
I am an existing Bank Albilad customer holding an account, whether do I need to register at Enjaz?
  • NO! Since you are already an existing Bank Albilad customer, you can straightaway enjoy services at Enjaz centers.
Do I carry my original ID all the time I need to send money?
  • YES, as per Saudi Central Bank guidelines you need to produce your original ID (IQAMA or NATIONAL ID) at the time of sending money.
Do I carry my original Enjaz Card all the time I need to send money?
  • NO, it is not required to carry Enjaz Card all the time and you can provide only the CIF number. But it is always advisable to carry the Enjaz card for your convenience.
How do I know exchange rate?
  • Since exchange rate is subject to change all the time, therefore it is advisable to visit any of our centers and find out the exchange rate.
What are different options of sending money?
  • Enjaz Easy: You can send money payable in cash or credit to account within 2 working hours and this service is available in all major countries.
  • SWIFT: With our ever growing list of correspondent banks, Remittance can be done directly to a bank account within 24 to 72 hours across the globe at very competitive exchange rate and service charges.
  • Western Union: Instant money transfer, payable in cash across the globe at 440,000+ locations.
  • For detailed information, please go to Enjaz home page and click on to products and services.